Great crochet project for beginners!

I’ve been away for awhile, life kinda got in the way.  But now I’m getting back on track and will be posting again.  I have been crocheting up a storm and actually working on a pattern (or two) of my own!  But, I wanted to start out with a few pointers before we get to my new work.

When I started crocheting three years ago (wow, seems like yesterday), I wanted to get really good.  I figured with the internet and YouTube I could finally learn how to make some pretty things.  As I’ve mentioned before, The Crochet Crowd was my go to source for instruction.  The projects on the site ranged from beginner to advanced.  Mikey has a great personality and is an awesome instructor.  I joined their Facebook page and signed up to their mailing list.  I still love cruising the website and Facebook page.  There are sooo many wonderful patterns and instructional information for any crochet skill set.

I decided I needed to do a project that would teach me new stitches and techniques. My first big project was following a CAL (crochet along) with The Crochet Crowd called Stitch-cation 2014.  Not only did it come with wonderful written instructions, but each part had a fantastic video.

I learned a lot during that CAL.  There were 10 different squares, each based on a different stitch.  You made 2 of each square so it helped reinforced the new stitch you learned.  And then you joined them all together, which was another wonderful learning experience.  Then finally, you learned how to create a pretty border for your afghan.

For a beginner, I would highly recommend this project.  You will come away with 10 new stitches, how to join granny squares and how to add a border to your work.  The sense of accomplishment you will have will boost your confident to try something a little more complex.


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