The Virtues of Stitch Markers

I love stitch markers!!

When I first started crocheting I never used them.  I found them cumbersome and felt they wasted time.  Well, was I wrong!  I don’t know how many times I had to frog something because my count was off or my pattern was either getting narrower or wider than called for.  I would get sooo frustrated.  I actually have a few WIPs in my basement I gave up on because I couldn’t get the pattern right.  Little did I know, if I would have used stitch markers I probably wouldn’t have them in my “some day” bin.

I’m going to show you a little example of what I mean with this super scarf I was working on.  Can you see where I should be putting this next stitch in the first picture?  Now some of you will have no problem finding the proper spot, but if you choose wrong you will start off with a problem.  It’s the second stitch from the hook, marked with the arrow.











As I started the second row I needed to place a stitch, skip a space, place a stitch and so on to the end.  Several times I tried and no matter what I ended up missing something.  After the third try I took a deep breath and got out my stitch markers.  I carefully counted the stitches and placed the markers.  Next try no problem!  Got to then end and it all worked out.


Now in the first stitch of the row and the last stitch of the row I placed my stitch markers and carried them up.  See how much easier it is to tell where to place the hook?  It may take a tiny bit longer to move the markers, but it’s much better than frogging your work!  AND I have a nice straight side!!
















The finished project was a beautiful super scarf for my daughter!  And it came out great!!

This is just a simple example of how great stitch markers are!  It is so much better to take that extra time and make sure you are in the right stitch!

I’ve tried a few different kinds of markers.  Even tried using yarn, but I’ve found locking ring markers are the best for me.  I never work a project without them now.  My work comes out so much nicer!!



My favorite stitch markers are Clover Lock Ring Markers

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